17th Burnham Art Trail
Saturday 19th June to Sunday 27th June 2021

2020 Virtual Art Trail Launch

Coordinators of the Burnham Art Trail, Triss & Sharon, invite you to enjoy the official 2020 opening from the comfort of your very own armchair!

Welcome to the very different 2020 Armchair Art Trail…  

When we cancelled the trail this year we actually didn’t realise how long the lockdown would go on for and we were hoping we could run ‘something’ in the autumn but alas it became clear as time went on  this wasn’t going to happen.

So, the trail will run on our Facebook and Instagram sites over the same time as our usual trail. This is a good point to say A BIG THANK YOU TO THE VENUES who came forward to support us before we had to cancel.  We very much value their support and hope they will join with us next year.

We hope you enjoy the artwork, interesting articles, videos and lots more. If you would like to purchase any items please contact the artist directly.

Tracy Saunders recounts how it all began

There were two seeds that set the Art Trail in motion…

The first was a beautiful sunny day in June 2004 as I sat on the grass at Millfields with my two young sons, enjoying the music at Riverfest – Burnham’s very own “International Music Festival”. I reflected on not only how lucky my family and I were to live here in Burnham-on-Crouch, but how great Riverfest was in bringing a variety of good music to everyone – and all for free!

The second seed was sewn four months later when I saw an article in the Maldon & Burnham Standard highlighting the need for a public relations person to help rejuvenate the high street and bring more people into Burnham.

I thought that what Burnham needed was an art event, one that encouraged people to walk around, to enjoy what the town had to offer, and that was free to everyone.

So, I started to talk to different people – I visited Richard Baxter, an artist/ceramicist, at his studio in Leigh-on-Sea. Richard had set up the Leigh Art Trail eight years earlier and was enthusiastic and happy to share his knowledge.

I also spoke to Jane English, one of the organisers of Riverfest. We discussed how hosting an art event the week before Riverfest could possibly help entice a wider audience for Riverfest.

I then walked around the town, looking for suitable venues and visiting shop owners to find out how they would feel about giving up their window space for one week to show the work of a local artist. I also went to see Henry Potton at The Burnham Museum – I had recently exhibited my own paintings there along with another painter, Claudia Myatt. It was a great venue and the museum volunteers were so helpful, enthusiastic and cooperative. So, based on the success of that exhibition I was keen for the museum to be become the main venue for a Burnham Art Trail.

With the help of some funding from Maldon District Council and Burnham Town Council we were able to prepare some promotional literature and advertisements to announce that the first Burnham Art Trail would start on the 25th June, 2005, lasting for one week, culminating with Riverfest International Music Festival on the final weekend.

There where 19 artists and just 16 venues and, oh how it has grown! It was a wonderful week that has continued to be to be repeated in a variety of formats over the past 15 years.

Five of the 19 artists who exhibited in that first Art Trail are still exhibiting today.

Riverfest – back in the good old days!

Thank you for joining us for our Armchair Launch. We will post our first selection of artists for 2020 starting Saturday 20th June at 10.30am…

Hope we’ll see you again…