17th Burnham Art Trail
Saturday 19th June to Sunday 27th June 2021

Day 3 Monday

Well usually this would be a busy school day, so we’re starting with a slideshow of Burnham primary schools projects from Jean Webber.

Iona Hawkins

“My passion is designing and making original gifts in fabric. I love to work with Harris Tweed, linen and liberty fabric to name a few.”

Layla the Vizsla with her very own cushion

“Maybe my love of Harris Tweed goes way back into my past. I remember a kilt I wore when I was about six years old. I wasn’t overly keen on wearing a skirt… much prefer trousers, but the colour was a rich burnt orange which is still vivid in my mind today.

The famous Tweed was first woven in the 18th century by crofters in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. It is made from pure virgin wool, dyed and spun on these islands. The history is worth a read on the Harris Tweed authority website.

In 2016 on his return from working on the Isle of Skye my husband gifted me a bag of Harris Tweed off cuts… he earned some brownie points that day! I could hardly wait to begin creating.

Most of my projects begin at the table, usually while eating breakfast. Work begins as a doodle often on the back of an envelope. I progress to a pattern and then the boxes of Tweed are opened and there are several. Very little is ever thrown away. There are so many colours to choose from, once happy with combinations I’m ready to cut out and begin to sew each piece in its rightful place. I do actually get quite excited seeing a blank canvas come alive.

There are no best bits to this creating. I’m lucky enough to enjoy every stage.”


Sandra Hall

Sandra Hall is our next new artist…

Although this is Sandra’s first time in the Art Trail, she has been ‘creating with clay’ for the past 40 years. See more of her work on sandrahallceramicsunique.wordpress.com

Carol Chesher

Carol is a Painter and Stained Glass Artist

“I am continually inspired by nature, the world around me and the people within it, and I relish the endless creative possibilities it presents.”

Here’s looking at you – Detail

Carol talks about her stained glass…

“I can completely indulge my love of colour with this wonderful medium in both realistic and abstract pieces, always striving to find new ways to present these traditional skills for people to enjoy in their homes.”


Claire White


“My inspiration for my art work comes from learning about nature, working as a gardener and how we are a part of nature. I enjoy painting, drawing and print making.”

Sarah Broome

New to the Trail, Sarah’s work uses positive messages.

Sarah Broome

See more of Sarah’s work at


We’ve come to the end of today’s post, please join us again tomorrow at 10am for another browse of our talented artists…