17th Burnham Art Trail
Saturday 19th June to Sunday 27th June 2021

Day 6 Thursday

Today we will start our tour by looking at trees with Marion.

Marion Sidebottom

“I’m a photographer, mixed media & glass artist, inspired by trees & the botanical world.”

Here’s a sample of Marion’s photographic collection from Dartmoor National Park including characterful gnarly moss covered oak trees of remote Wistman’s Wood & Black-a-Tor Copse.


Alex Graybow


Alex is a Creative Arts Therapist and an Intuitive Artist. She works with people to discover deeper connections and explore personal histories through the symbolism in the intuitive art they create.

Victor Caplin

Victor has been collecting vintage ancient beads for forty years. He enjoys combining them to make unique, interesting, wearable and affordable jewellery.


Jeremy Hogben

Jeremy is a retired artist/architect painting mainly in watercolour. He paints buildings, boats, landscapes in atmospheric surroundings. Next he tells us about his journey through art and architecture…

Saffron Walden – Gold Street

The design of spaces for living must arguably be regarded as the most complex of the Arts. The span of disciplines it involves touches all the senses and, at its best, fulfils our social needs. 

My paths of influences and education led me into my career of architecture via Rugby School and Cambridge where I was lucky to be supervised by: Sir Leslie Martin (1908, 2000) noted for The Royal Festival Hall, Colin St John Wilson (1922 –2007) (The British Library), Nicholas Pevsner  (1902 –1983) and others.  Apart from all the practical and drawing elements of my degree course I was particularly inspired when my eyes were opened to the History of Art and Architecture, their interrelationships and in particular painting and sculpture.  

For those keen to understand more it is impossible not to mention the multi-talents from the Renaissance period such as Michelangelo (1475 – 1564) and Raphael (1483 –1520), both were appointed architects of St. Peter’s in Rome.  Also from the Renaissance were the pre-eminent painters Leonardo da Vinci (1452– 1519) and Brunelleschi (1377 -1446).  Filippo Brunelleschi was the architect/engineer of the Duomo in Florence and renowned in 1417 for establishing the principles of perspective painting drawing which revolutionized painting.  

Other great artists such as Pirenesi (1720 –1778), Caneletto (1697 – 1768), Claude Lorrain (c.1600 –1682), Turner (1775 – 1851), Thomas Girtin  (1775 –1802), John Piper (1903 –1992) were also sources of inspiration and from ancient history the sculptor Phydias (c. 480 – 430 BCE) and Vitruvius (c. 90 – c. 20 BCE) who wrote the treatise ‘De Architectura’. 

From a personal perspective I have vivid memories of completing a measured drawing of Wren’s Trinity College Library entrance portico and also lasting first-impression in 1956 of first visiting Kings College Chapel, resulting in a quick painting done on return to my college rooms.  My love of painting was inflamed. 

Ely Cathedral
Maria Della Salute – Palladio

Also influential were vacation travels through France, Italy, Greece and Spain, including a memorable summer saying with Robert Graves (1895 –1985) in Mallorca.   Later I painted alongside Ken Howard R.A in Venice and filled my sketchbook with paintings far more lasting than using a camera. 

My 35 year professional career in London was spent designing houses, offices, banks, churches, telephone centres (including Mondial House) and many computer data centres (including the largest for HSBC).  

I completed my pilgrimage from Jerusalem in 1934 back to the Clock Tower and the virtual Burnham Art Trail 2020.


Annie Barnes

Each individually crafted project is made using natural, carefully chosen materials.

This is the first time in Annie has been in Burnham Art Trail.


Leonida Nicholls

Leonida’s work is based on her own imaginative ideas. She hopes others see beauty in her work and they are inspired and influenced in a positive way.


Another tour of the Burnham Armchair Art Trail will start tomorrow morning at 10.30am.